How To Denote Funds Online For Indian Armed Forces Flag Day?

How To Donates Online For Indian Armed Forces Flag Day? To support the children of martyrs, disabled ex-servicemen, war widows, the Ministry of Defence started an advanced campaign which commencing from 1st December to 7th December. The wide advanced campaign, went for acquiring donation for the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund which is also called as AFFDF, it is spread over the social media applications which are Twitter, Facebook and other online networking apps. The funding is closing on 7th December i.e, Indian Armed Forces Flag Day. 

On the occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day, the administrations rendered by the work force of Army, Navy and Air Force are recalled. It is the aggregate obligation of each Indian to guarantee restoration and welfare of the dependent’s of martyrs, disabled ex-servicemen. This Flag Day gives us a chance to donate most liberally to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund. 

Armed Forces Flag Day

Every year, 7th December is celebrated as the Armed Forces Flag Day, which celebrates across India, which was begun in the year 1949. This day is celebrated to respect the martyrs and the men in uniform who valiantly battled on our outskirts to protect the Indians respect. There can’t be a nobler reason than setting out one’s life for the nation.

In the meantime, our esteem for the martyrs ought not imply that we have a brief period for the living legends who were injured while doing their obligation towards their homeland or their widows and children whom they abandoned to battle for themselves. So, it is to remember that the sacrifice of these sacrificial martyrs, warriors and their family that Flag Day is watched each year on 7th December for Indian Armed Forces Flag Day.

Armed Forces Flag Day Fund

In view of the conviction that it is the obligation of each Indian to take care of the prosperity of the individuals who have yielded their lives for the country. The Flag Day is a great chance for each Indian to contribute most liberally to the Indian Armed Forces Flag Day Fund. 

Generally, gathering of fund across our india by the nearby arms of the Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB), which works under the Ministry of Defence. The Kendriya Sainik Board is in charge of the organisation of AFFDF. The AFFDF is worked by a Managing Committee, headed by Hon’ble Raksha Mantri at the centre and Hon’ble Governor/Lt Governor at the State/UT level for Indian Armed Forces Flag Day.

Armed Forces Flag Day Donation

People who are interested to donate, they can contribute to the armed forces by utilising their UPI code, Paytm and net banking. People can able to donate to the dunk using the UPI code, [email protected] 

If you wish to contribute using net banking/ credit/debit card, you can visit the page, In this armed forces flag day, interested ones, can demonstrate their feeling of pride by wearing the flag speaking to three administrations from 1st December to 7th December 2017. These banners are also available at all government offices or you can download theses flags from

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