Indian Army Ranks in Order Officers List Commissioned & Non Commissioned

Indian Army Ranks The Indian Army established in the year 1895 and its head office situated in New Delhi. Basically, the Indian army is the land-based branch and which is one of the greatest armed forces in the world. The essential mission of the Indian Army is to guarantee national security and national solidarity, guarding the country against outside hostility and interior dangers, and keeping up peace and security inside its borders.

The Indian Army Ranks are not only the stars or swords on the shoulder, truth be told, they demonstrate the power and distinction of the country. People of the country have enormous regard for Indian Army positions. Find Indian Army Officers Quarters. Indian Army Ranks are designed on British and Commonwealth framework. India has given the Field Marshal’s cudgel twice since its autonomy in 1947.  Know Indian Army Ranks in Order.

Indian Army Ranks

Until 26th January 1950 year, when India turned into a republic, the Indian Army used the British-design rank identifications of the British Indian Army. Upon freedom in the year 1947, India turned into a territory inside the British Commonwealth of nations, yet the old rank symbol, fusing the Tudor Crown and four-pointed Bath Star pip, was held, as George VI remained Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces. And after 26th January 1950, when India turned into a republic, the president of India progressed toward becoming commander-in-chief, and the Ashoka lion supplanted the crown, with a five-pointed star being substituted for the pip.

Indian Army Ranks in Order

Highest To Lowest Form of Indian Army Ranks

The Rank of Field Marshal is formal currently there is no field marshal in Indian armed force structure at present and it has been given on just two officers in past, Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw and Field Marshal K M Cariappa. Find
Indian Army Ranks and Insignia. These positions, for the most part, relate with those of western militaries, and specifically, mirror those of the British and Commonwealth armed forces. Customary names for positions are as yet utilised and in addition Western names. Know about Indian Army Ranks in Order.

Commissioned Officers


Lieutenant general

Major general



Lieutenant Colonel




Junior Commissioned Officers

Subedar Major


Naib Subedar

Non-Commissioned Officers



Lance Naik

Sepoy / Jawan

Indian Army Ranks List

Field marshals hold their rank forever and are thought to serve officers until their passing. Not at all like different officers, they don’t draw an annuity. A field marshal gets the full pay of a generic equivalent to the Chief of the Army Staff. The rank of Field Marshal is the best most among Indian army ranks while sepoy is the least rank. Know about Indian Army Ranks List.

Indian Army Officers List

The declining request of Indian Army Rank is the field marshal, general, lieutenant general, major general, brigadier, colonel, lieutenant colonel, major, skipper, lieutenant, subedar major/risaldar Major, naib subedar/naib risaldar, havaldar/daffadar, lance havaldar/lance daffadar, sepoy. The rank of the second lieutenant is disposed of from the Indian army ranks. An essential contrast between the Indian armed force and different armed forces is that officers don’t charge units naib subedar who is junior appointed officer does. Before the 1965 year, the rank of naib subedar was known as jemadar. Check Indian Army Officers List.

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